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Aegina Greece

Discover the Beautiful Greek island of Aegina

Aegina Greece

What is it about Aegina/ Egina/ Aigina which attracts so many people to use their precious holiday to return here year after year? Why do others dream about living on Aegina all year long and some actually take the plunge and do it by relocating here permanently? Curious? Once you experience it, you will understand. In the meantime, let us paint a picture of our magical island.

Those visitors who are excited by learning about history will not be disappointed by what Aegina has to offer. The island has a special place in Greek mythology and history. The myth has it that the island took its name from the most beautiful of the twenty daughters of Asopos, the river god, who eloped with Zeus to the then deserted island. In historical terms, there is evidence that the island was inhabited from as early as 3500 B.C. The island enjoyed strong economic and social growth between around 900 B.C. and 480 B.C., including minting the first coins anywhere in Greece during the 7th. Century B.C. In more modern times, Aegina was briefly the first ‘capital’ of modern Greece from 1827 – 1829.

When to Visit
We recommend Aegina island to you out of the holiday season as well. Spring and autumn are excellent times of the year to visit. The weather is sunny, warm and energising. Indeed, Aegina is reputed to have the mildest climate in Greece. Pull on your comfy shoes and explore our natural landscapes. There is some excellent walking to be had on Aegina; ancient abandoned villages on hillsides; awe the inspiring olive tree grove of Eliones; clamber to the top of Mount Oros with its fantastic sea views; pistachio tree orchards (Aegina’s most famous export)

The Island of Aegina

The island of Aegina Aegina Island

An introduction to the island of Aegina and the types of holidays and adventures that you can have when you visit

Agii and Souvala in Aegina Agii & Souvala

Agii and Souvala are two beautiful parts of Aegina and are an excellent base to enjoy all the island has to offer

Activities and Day Trips Activities & Day Trips

When you visit Aegina you can enjoy a wide range of funfilled activities and day trips to sights and attactions

Travelloing to Aegina How to Get There

Lots of information about travelling to the island of Aegina - ferries from Athens to Souvala and Aegina Town

Location & Facilities Location & Facilities

Read about the location of Irides Hotel and the many facilities that are available for all guests to enjoy

History & Museum History & Museum

The Irides Hotel has a very interesting history behind it, and is also home to a small and interesting museum

Map of Aegina Map of Aegina

Located in the Saronic Gulf, the island of Aegina is just an hour away from Pireaus in Athens by ferry boat

Photo Gallery Photo Gallery

A photo gallery showcasing some of the many beautiful locations and sights from around the island of Aegina

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