History of Aegina Island

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Aegina has a long history. Its first inhabitants settled here around 3000 BCE. Thanks to the development of commercial and maritime activity, Aeginetans were able to mint their first silver coins in the seventh century BCE.

Looted by the Romans, the island flourished again in the Byzantine era, with Paliachora as its center. Razed to the ground by pirate Barbarossa, it recovered thanks to the tenacity and visions of its inhabitant.

On 2nd April 1827, it became the first capital of modern Greece and evolved into a wellspring of culture under Ioannis Kapodistrias, the visionary leader of the newly-founded Greek state. The island knew prosperity and fame from the 19th century onwards, thanks to the sponge trade and later through the production of retsina wine and its famed pistachio.

Today’s Aegina is nostalgic and authentic. As it is close to Athens, several Athenians and foreigners have settled here permanently. The business people, diplomats, eminent artists and actors who come here all seem connected by a discreet thread in a sweet, quiet conspiracy.

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