Aegina Island, An ideal holiday destination close to Athens

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Aegina, an island as small as it is charming, simple, yet mysterious.

Its magnificent light reflects on the rocky slopes and fertile pistachio trees, magically illuminating the translucent waters. Its white crown, the ancient temple of Aphaia, the Parthenon and the temple of Poseidon at Sounion form an imaginary triangle which transmits spiritual energy.

Aegina is just an hour away from Piraeus. Visitors are greeted by a semicircle of neoclassical two-storey houses, painted with ochre and sky blue ribbons. The town of Aegina brims with life, Cafes, taverns, small shops, traditional groceries, a lively fish market, bars, street lets, fragrant countyards, delicacies from the bakery baskets, all compose the tapestry of its everyday life.

Aegina, the island of unique light & art

Naturally, Art is everywhere. Clay could be the island’s emblem, as this is where the “wise” Aeginetan jug was born and several ceramic artists from Greece and abroad have their home base here. This island of unique light has always been a source of inspiration. In antiquity, it was one of the main centers of sculpture production. In the 1960’s, prominent painters and sculptors such as G. Moralis, N. Nikolaou, Ch. Kapralos, G. Pappas and pioneering architects like D. Pikionis, K. Dekavallas and A. Konstantinidis took refuge of Aegina, in order to think in depth and create.

Irides Aegina Hotel

Ideal for the independent traveller

Our location in the Argo-Saronic gulf is an immediate attraction. Aegina is close to the port of Pireaus on the mainland. Visitors travel by ferry or flying dolphin, but the journey is short (between 40 and 80 minutes) and an enjoyable part of your holiday experience.Once on Aegina you can enjoy island life but easily leave for day trips to Athens, other islands, and the Peloponnese.

Arguably one of the main attractions of Aegina is that it is a real living and working island. Thankfully not a victim of mass tourism, Aegina is the perfect destination for the independent traveller who yearns to experience some reality of the country he is visiting. Those who are well travelled in Greece will note that Aegina is not as ‘manicured’ as some islands popular with foreign tourists. It hosts mainly Greek weekend visitors. This simply adds to the charm.

Food and drink

One of the joys of travelling is to experience local food and drink. If you are looking for one of the last remaining places on earth without a McDonald’s fastfood restaurant then come to Aegina island! Unlike many other Greek holiday destinations you will be glad to note the absence of bill-boards advertising ‘full English breakfast’ or ‘chicken schnitzel’.

Snack on fresh cheese and spinach pastries from the bakery and fruit from the caiques. A true delight is ouzo with mezes or a cold beer in the sunny afternoon. Finally, finish your day as you started by doing as the Greeks do and enjoy a late dinner in one of the fantastic tavernas. Salad, fresh fish, grilled meat…
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