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History and Museum

Irides Hotel - Aegina

Irides History and Museum

History of our Area

In 1932, our great grandfather Kostas Ropaitis bought 22 acres of land adjacent to the Saronic Gulf, of which now 5 acres belong to our family. On this land, there was rich cotton crop (early 20th century), that is why the land is called 'Babatsea'. The land is still very fertile because of the underground moisture.

Irides History

After years of draught, cotton dissapeard and was replaced by grapevines. The cultivation of the grape 'Savatiano', which is an excellent the grape for the production of our famous Retsina, lasted until the late 60's, when the grapes were hit by fylloxera (mildew).

Nowadays on most of the fields, usually a bit further away from the sea, pistachios are grown, the most typical product of the island.

Our land became a holiday and tourist destination during the early 80's since it was very peaceful. It then belonged to our the grandfather who was fishing octopus.

Today, you still find a small cottage, named "kampylio" (built in 1935), there is a well with a depth of 8 meters depth, which produces 10 to 15 m3 of water daily.

It is also noteworthy that within 300 meters from the field, you will find the only perennial trees in Aegina, the Cedars. One of them is next to the Hotel Reception, where our great grandfather used to have his afternoon Siesta in the shade.

Irides History

In this plot we keep the old cottage (the current Reception) with the cedar and developed the area to a The Irides Studios & Apartments. We have given it the name Irides from the flower that grows in the spring period in this field and in the interval between vine and land.

The tradition of octopus fishing continues today from our 80 years old grandfather Spyros Petritis (been acknowledged as the best of all octopus fisher of the region and much-photographed by our visitors).


Dimitras Art Corner

Dimitra Petritis, owner and hostess of the Hotel, has built a small folk museum of interesting old items with lots of love and dedication. The items are from grandparents and parents of the family as well as gifts from friends.

Irides Hotel


Thermopilon Street, Agii 180 10, Aegina, Greece

Tel: ( + 30 ) 22970 52215 | Mob: ( + 30 ) 6937 129896 | Fax: ( + 30 ) 22970 52255

Email: irides@otenet.gr

Ministry of Tourism Authorized License

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